What is Magick ?

Magick is the art of creating change in accordance with your will . Magick also happens when you manipulate energy to create this change . The letter may distinguishes from, magic on the stage by magicians and the magick which is created by witches , wizards or shamans .

What is a spell ?
A spell is something you do with clarity, intent and awareness to create a result . A spell consists of a set of thoughts and symbolic actions performed in the physical world to initiate change on a higher level . Once change takes place at a higher level It filters down and materialises here on earth. When you do a spell you alter already present energy or introduce new energy to create change.

Why use spells ?
Crafting and casting a spell allows you to take control of a situation . Spell work is an active method of dealing with life . Engaging in spell work can boost your confidence.  Your self esteem goes up as you realise you possess a power you neve knew you had before.  Spell craft exercises your creat. You might not be able to play the piano but you can craft a Web of energy from a variety of objects and words, linked together by intent and desire.