One of the first skills to be learnt is the art of protection,  protecting both yourself and your  magic. So here I shall explore how a witch can do this .

Protecting you magic: by doing this you have to protect your energy this enables to move trough your day without others affecting your energy and it allows you to practice magic safely.

Magical protection can help you to : feel safe in the world, feel safe to call on your spirit guides, angels and ancestor’s for support and guidance, help you hear that guidance, make decisions without influence and feel safe to do your magic work to ask for what you want and to receive it .

Ways to protect yourself include : the bubble of light, archangel micheals shield of light , protection crystal or object, and mantra

The bubble or light involves visualising yourself fon a big bubble the bubble should surround your entire aura this can be established by putting your arms out and then adding a bit. Visualise any negativity bouncing off your bubble , turning into light and disappearing into the universe .

The archangel micheals shield of light: he is the angel of protection, clarity and courage. All you need to do is call on the archangel Micheal and ask him to protect you with his light. Use your own words to do this . Visualise a field of light around you . Call upon the arch angel daily or when you need to boost your protection.

Protection crystal or object : when you program an object with the energy of protection, all you then need to do is wear it or place it in a pocket with the intention that you are protected. During the day whenever you want to become protected simply touch the item . You can use any items but here are some ideas – smoky quartz, black onyx, obsidian or any other dark crystal , a small charm or item of jewelry, a pebble.

Mantra : these are easy as they can be said at anytime or anywhere when protection is needed. An example is: I’m protected, i am safe, all is well.

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